Areas of Work
Metal sheet metal customization, processing services: carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, alloy aluminum and other metal sheet metal cutting, laser cutting, stamping, bending, tapping, welding and other mechanical processing main products include: the production of the disc, electrical box Design, processing; machine tools, equipment sheet metal processing; precision sheet metal processing; construction metal products processing.
Electrical control box, control panel and shell
Size customization: design and processing services for electrical control boxes. Processing and manufacturing services for electrical box casings and various metal container casings
Machine tools, equipment sheet metal
Processing of sheet metal parts for machine tools and equipment: providing automatic control systems for mechanical equipment and testing instruments, design and processing services for supporting sheet metal and equipment racks; processing services for machine tool parts and protective sheet metal
Precision sheet metal
Precision sheet metal processing services: auto parts, equipment parts and other sheet metal parts with complex structure and high precision requirements.
Construction metal products
Metal products in building facilities: including the design and processing services of various metal materials required for stairs, fences, roadblocks, doors and windows, tables and chairs, and interior decoration.
Dalian MIMOTO Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. Business scope includes: cutting, stamping, machining and welding of various metal sheet metal, processing services; fixture design and manufacturing; labor-saving equipment, testing equipment research and development and manufacturing ; Various electrical panel design and manufacturing. Since inception, we has introduced a Japanese management approach, and trained a team with highly experienced management personnel, innovative ,nnovative technical personnel and dedicated employees. The company's leaders actively implement the corporate philosophy of “Height begins with attitude, Quality comes from the details, efficiency makes the brand, and integrity builds the future”, strengthens the quality process control, and regularly proposes QC improvement programs. The product quality has won the trust of customers at home and abroad. While continuously improving product quality, the company actively optimizes the management system, introduces a more advanced enterprise management system, and manages the entire process from order to delivery to ensure that the order delivery time is met. In line with the corporate goal of "providing better services and better products for our customers", we continue to grow and develop, actively expand our business scope, expand overseas markets, and gradually improve internal and external trade processes. All employees of Dalian MIMOTO are willing to work with you to make progress together and create a better future.
Our Products
With the gradual improvement of the production system, our business scope continues to expand: from electrical automatic control systems, sheet metal fittings, equipment racks, decorative metal products and precision sheet metal fittings, we can provide most of the design of metal sheet metal, Production and processing services.
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Customized automation equipment, finished factory~

Customized automation equipment, finished factory~



Welcome to Japan Toyo Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to visit our company!

Welcome to Japan Toyo Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to visit our company!